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It is a facility which minimizes the adverse influence of the waste on rivers and the sea by removing pollutants contained in sewage, wastewater, filthy water, excreta and livestock wastewater or by removing the harmfulness the pollutants have.
※ A system which treats various industrial wastewater and other wastewater by way of physiochemical and biological treatment process and discharges the wastewater or sends the water for reuse after the final filtration

  • Physical treatment facility: Screening, precipitation, DAF, filtration, cleaning, etc.
  • Chemical treatment facility: Neutralization, oxidation, reduction, ion exchange, etc.
  • Biological treatment facility: Activated sludge process, contact oxidation method, anaerobic digestion method, etc.

  • Organic wastewater across the whole industry
  • Wastewater from plating, electronics, semi-conductors, and coal
  • Wastewater from pharmaceutical process, and synthesis of raw material
  • Wastewater containing nitrogen or phosphorous