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Equipment which treats pollutants such as harmful gases, chemicals, fumes and mists using a filter medium.

In a dust filtering and collecting facility, exhaust which contains dust is sucked into the facility through the inlet and filtered when it passes through a filter installed inside the facility before the purified air is discharged through the outlet.

  • It has a high dust collecting efficiency and can collect dust of various forms.
  • It can treat dirty air with high concentration of dust.
  • The form and capacity of the equipment can be changed depending on the process.
  • It can be maintained at low cost.
  • It can be continuously operated and the filtering speed can be adjusted.
  • Textile or pretreated granular bag filter can be used for high efficiency collection of dust and gas pollutants of size 1㎛ or smaller.
  • No white smoke is generated.
  • It is free from any secondary pollution (generation of wastewater).

  • It is vulnerable to humidity.
  • It is vulnerable to high temperature and acidic/alkaline dust.
  • It has a risk of fire or explosion when collecting dust easily oxidizable.

  • Iron making, steel-making, or foundry shop
  • Cement factory
  • Metal processing factory
  • Facilities posterior to an incinerator
  • Gran factory and feed factory
  • Textile factory, chemical plant
  • Removal of other dust in industrial sites